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This year's reprise of our very successful SingleTree trip included two major archaeological treks to areas unexplored for several years. And we hit paydirt. The following collection of pictures is in chronological order.

A few more digital camera pictures were later supplied by Steve Holm and can be viewed here.
Stree 2001 Picture What a group. This was shot early in the week as some could only stay a few days.

We came across this truck carcass during a hike into our initial search area. Also behind appears to be the remains of a wagon. Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture Paydirt. A very nice ledge with rock art and a few other bits of evidence. Much of the art is off to the right of this picture.
Our playground for the week. What a sky.

Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture Another nice backdrop for work.
Our humble campsite and kitchen (cooking for 25+ a night!) Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture And if you are not on KP for the night then sitting around the campfire circle is the place to be. Tall tales told, liquids quaffed.
Looks like breakfast. It can get cool at night. Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture Another camp shot.
Fergie, the archo-wonder dog (our camp mascot). Stree 2001 Picture
All pictures on this page were photographed by Omar The Great.

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