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This year's first ever SingleTree trip included four archaeological treks to either sites originally found in the past or locations that have never been explored. And we not only found the old sites but actually found both unknown archaeological sites and historical sites. It was heaven. The following pictures are in chronological order, covering only the last two days of the trip.

Another swath of digital camera output was later supplied by Diana and can be viewed here.
Stree 2001 Picture The majority of the landscape looked liked this - very dry, rocky and with little but scrub for vegitation. This was true for most of the higher altitude areas.

We hiked in through a low canyon area that was actually marshy and cool in the morning shade. But the cool and water didn't last too long. Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture All of us were recruted as researchers. Investigation of all smaller rocks and other debris was necessary to find anything which could be hand made.
And we finally started to find good stuff. This is a flake, left behind during tool makeing, a thousand years ago.

Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture Another tool, a mano, is found at another site. This tool was used for grinding grain (usually corn) into flour.
After a hard day of hunting we slink back to our camp. The desert was playing a very warm host, even in September. Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture The next day we moved on to virgin terratory to find new and interesting things.
Detailed investigation of all the smaller stones and other debris was necessary to find anything which did not seem to belong. Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture The vegitation was very heavy (almost impassible) down at the creek.
New petroglyphs were found, protected from most of the weather but fading fast. Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture A good location to search for evidence of habitation or tool building.
It is very hard to photograph faded rock art. Can you see it? Stree 2001 Picture
Stree 2001 Picture More stone chips and flakes found but very little else to expose the existance of the prior inhabitants.
Steve checks out a huge entrance to an equally huge cave. Nothing archeological was found. Stree 2001 Picture
All pictures on this page were photographed by Omar The Great.

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