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This year we did trail maintenance, some archaeological survey and lots of a historical dig.

Dixie 2002 Picture The majority of our trail mainenance was in forest landscape which looked liked this - sparse woodlands interspersed with meadows and ancient lava flows - all at 8,000+ feet altitude.

Looks like we are playing with an atlatl during a break. Dixie 2002 Picture
Dixie 2002 Picture The historical dig required precise mapping of the site and points of interest within the site.
Many of the historical artifacts were hauled out.

Dixie 2002 Picture
Dixie 2002 Picture Discovering historical artifacts requires one to get down in the dirt and utilize small hand tools.
The main road bisects the site and is both a curse and a blessing. Collecting more artifacts. Dixie 2002 Picture
Dixie 2002 Picture The major portion of the site is in the far background.
Detailed investigation of dirt, stones and other debris was necessary to find anything which did not seem to belong. Dixie 2002 Picture
Dixie 2002 Picture Something was found, but don't ask me what it is!
Excavation of a celler (see the steps on the right) for other tidbits. The pit was deeper then it looks and we had to haul them out at the end of the day. Dixie 2002 Picture
Dixie 2002 Picture All metal items were flagged then removed (if found). Several were nails from the studs of the phantom buildings.
Plenty of ground to cover, one nail or coin or bottle at a time. Dixie 2002 Picture
Dixie 2002 Picture Plenty of on the job training for the tools and techniques were provided by the experts.
All pictures on this page were photographed by Omar The Great.

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