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This year's trip included the standard two Dixie components: trail work and archaeology work. This year we got four jobs for the price of two. We got to: 1. Do trail maintenance, 2. Build a fence, 3. Do a site survey (in front of a thunderhead!), and 4. Assist in the first CCC camp archaeological dig ever!

Dixie 2001 Picture Relaxing after a hard day of trail work

(This was AFTER the work wasn't it?)

Half of our little group built this nice fence between the Forest and a private "inholding". The weather was great at this altitude. Dixie 2001 Picture
Dixie 2001 Picture Every evening we had a LARGE campfire, courtesy of our local Fire Qween (in foreground?)

There is nothing like a wonderful campfire in the mountains!
Today the entire group assisted in an archaeological survey of a large parcel of public land prior to a prescribed burn. The burn can actually damage artifacts on the surface and our job was to determine if any existed.

During our task, major thunderheads swept down the valley and we escaped just as huge amounts of rain hit.
Dixie 2001 Picture
Dixie 2001 Picture The view from the driver's seat of a truck full of crazy Sierra Clubbers!

We even stuck poor Jean in the wayback!

She looks happy, but is that only because the window is finally open?
Dixie 2001 Picture
Dixie 2001 Picture Although this had nothing to do with our CCC camp work, we got to play with an atlatl and other archo-toys.
The obligitory group picture, just to prove that we didn't lose anyone! Dixie 2001 Picture

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